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Where I’ve Trekked

Where I’ve Trekked is a list of where I’ve been includes links to posts I’ve written about each place.  It keeps on growing and I have yet to write about every single place I’ve trekked, but I’m determined to make it happen. 

I’m also determined to make it to every country in this amazing world of ours, but I also want to make the trek to more than just one city per country.


As of now, I’m only up to 17 countries, 184 cities, and only 14% of the world travelled, and my New Year’s resolution every year is to make those numbers climb up as much as possible. 😀

Give me a shout if you have any requests.


Where I’ve Trekked



1) Cambodia
*Bayon – Cambodia’s Buddha Face Temple
*Angkor Wat Sunrise


The Bund, Shanghai.

2) China
*Getting a China Tourist Visa from Abroad

– Beijing
*My Hotel Hell story!
*My Layover in Beijing – Ruined

– Dalian
*Hotel REVIEW – Sun Moon Lake
*Russia in Dalian, China

– Hong Kong (SAR)
*The Hong Kong Walk of Fame
*Symphony of Lights
*Tai O (a fishing village with homes on stilts)


The beautiful Bell Tower.

The beautiful Bell Tower in Xi’an.

– Macau (SAR)
*A Moment that Restored My Faith in Humanity (on my day trip to Macau) featured in Once in a Lifetime Journey
*My Day in Macau
*The Most Colourful City Square

– Shanghai
*The Bund on Christmas Day
*Layover at Shanghai Pudong  (PVG)
Hotel REVIEW – Genting Star Shanghai
*Qibao – Shanghai’s Historic Water Village

– Xi’an
*Hotel REVIEW – Days Inn City Centre
*How I Start Every New Adventure – featuring Xi’an
*The Terracotta Warriors
*What to Expect on the Bus to the Terracotta Warriors


3) Japan

Me with Mount Fuji just after the sun came up on New Year's Day.

Me with Mount Fuji just after the sun came up on New Year’s Day.

*Christmas Away from Home
*The Cost of Living in Japan – Domestic Groceries
*The Cost of Living in Japan – Imported Groceries
*The Cost of Living in Japan – Taxes
*The Cost of Living in Japan – Utilities
*Extra Reasons to Bring Your Travel Diary
*Five Years in Japan – My most amazing experiences in 5 categories for my 5th Japanniversary
*Getting Glasses in Japan
*Getting Your Hair Cut in Japan

Me in front of my lifetime favourite singer's transport.

Me in front of my lifetime favourite singer’s transport.

*Growing Up Female in Japan
*Halloween Pumpkins in Japan
* – An Extra Peace of Mind (for ex-pats)
*Hina Matsuri (Girls’ Day Dolls
*How to Save Money with Japan Rail (for ex-pats)
*A Japan Rail Pass Cost-Benefit Analysis
*A Quick Guide to Riding Japan’s City Buses
*Quick Japan Post Tips
*School Lunches in Japan
*Teaching Privately
*Understanding Your Japanese Prescription
*Your Signature in Japan


The Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima.

The Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima.


A samurai guarding Matsumoto Castle.

– Ako
*The Top 3 Samurai Spots in Japan

– Awajishima
– Fukuoka
– Fukuyama
– Gobo
*My Grandfather’s Childhood Footsteps

– Hikone
*Hikone Castle – An Overlooked National Treasure

– Himeji
* Japan’s Most Beautiful Castle (Himeji)

– Hirado
– Hiroshima
*Why Everyone Should Visit Hiroshima

– Hokuryu (Hokkaido)
*The Sunflower Capital of Japan

– Imabari
*Towels Galore

A close-up of Himeji Castle's beautifully restored main keep.

A close-up of Himeji Castle’s beautifully restored main keep.

– Inuyama
– Ise
– Iwakuni
– Kagoshima
– Kamakura
– Kameyama
– Kobe
*Kobe Luminarie

– Kochi
– Kokura/Kita Kyushu
– Kumamoto
*The Top 3 Samurai Spots in Japan

– Kurashiki
*The BEST Part of Kurashiki, My Japanese City

– Kyoto
*The Cheapest Way to See Kyoto
*The ONLY Place You Can Be a NINJA in Kyoto
*Spotting Maiko in Kyoto

– Marugame
– Matsue
*The Top 3 Samurai Spots in Japan

– Matsumoto
*Hotel REVIEW – New Station Matsumoto
Wishing upon a Star in Japan

A maiko in Kyoto.

A maiko in Kyoto.

– Matsuyama
– Miyajima
Magnificent Miyajima

– Miyoshi
*Japan’s Scariest and Most Thrilling Bridge

– Nagasaki
*Never Forget Nagasaki

– Nagoya
*My First Japanese Castle

– Naha
*HOTEL REVIEW – Okinawa Kariyushi Izumizaki Kenchomae
*The Top 5 Things to Do in Naha

– Nara
– Narita
– Naruto
– Niihama
*Niihama Taiko (Drum) Festival

– Niimi
*My First Cave Trek


My favourite view of Kourakuen with Okayama Castle in the background.

– Okayama
*Kourakuen – Okayama’s Amazing Landscape Garden

*Momotaro Matsuri – my favourite Japanese festival – featured in Take Me to the World

– Osaka
*HOTEL REVIEW – Osaka River-Side

– Otaru
– Otsu
*My First AirBnB Experience

– Ozu
– Sapporo
*Sapporo AirBnB

– Shimonoseki
*Walking to Kyushu from Shimonoseki

Sand art in Tottori.

Sand art in Tottori.

– Soja
– Takahashi
– Takamatsu
– Toba
– Tokushima
*The BEST Places in Tokushima
*Traditional Japanese Puppetry

– Tokyo
– Tottori
*Japan’s Biggest Sand Dune

– Tsuyama
*Shurakuen – One of My Favourite Japanese Gardens

– Uchiko
– Uwajima
*Bullfighting in Japan

– Wakayama
– Yokohama

The statue and stairs leading to the Batu Caves.

The statue and stairs leading to the Batu Caves.

4) Malaysia

– Kuala Lumpur
*Batu Beauty

– Johor Bahru
*Malay Music with an Angklung at Causeway Holidays in Johor Bahru

– Malacca/Melaka
*Kites – Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Pastime


5) The Philippines
*Philippine Transit Tips

– Davao
*Philippine Fire (with videos)


6) Singapore
*Singapore’s BEST Merlion
Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay
*Singapore’s Kaya Toast
*Stoning at the Marina Barrage
*Kusu Island


Feeling safe trekking alone in Seoul.

7) South Korea
*Layover at Seoul – Incheon (ICN)
*My Deodorant Dilemma in Korea

*My Two FREE Incheon Transit Tours
→ includes the Incheon Grand Bridge, Wolmi     Cultural Center, Wolmi Park, Shimpo Market, Heungryunsa Temple, and the Incheon Landing Memorial Hall.
*HOTEL REVIEW – Fox Motel, Incheon

– Paju

– Seoul
*Three Big FREEBIES in Seoul
*Hotel REVIEW – BonBon Seoul
*Seoul City Walls

– Suwon


8) Taiwan

Beautiful Longshan Temple.

Beautiful Longshan Temple.

*I Just Didn’t Like It – see why I wasn’t dreading leaving Taiwan – featured in Twirl the Globe
*Why I Went to Taiwan

– Chiayi
– Jiufen
*Jiufen – Taiwan’s Must-See Village

– Taipei
*Three Things to See in Taipei at Night

– Tamsui
*Why I Went to Taiwan




Bangkok – Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

9) Thailand
Dressing appropriately in Thailand
*Thai monks

– Ayutthaya
– Bangkok
*The Best House in Bangkok
*HOTEL REVIEW – Nasa Vegas Bangkok
*Golden Mount,  Golden Views
*Life on Water in Thailand (Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market)

– Kanchanabui
– Pattaya
*Riding an Elephant
*Sanctuary of Truth


10) Vietnam 
*Getting your visa on arrival online and getting it at Ho Chi Minh (SGN) 

Me with a sweet Vietnamese war vet.

Me with a sweet Vietnamese war vet.

– Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
*Eating in Ho Chi Minh
* HOTEL REVIEW – Que Huong Ho Chi Minh
*Crossing the Street in Saigon
*A Vietnamese Treasure – A Water Puppet Show

– Mekong Delta
*Facing My Fear of Snakes

– Monkey Island
*Meeting Vietnamese War Vets




England was my first solo trek abroad.

1) Belgium
– Brussels
*Grand Place

2) England
– Bath
– Hatfield
– Hever
*Anne Boleyn’s Childhood Home – Hever Castle

– London
*The Biggest 500 Year-Old Kitchens
*The London Pass

– Maidstone
*Majestic Leeds Castle
– Oxford
– Salisbury
*Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta

– Stratford-upon-Avon
*Shakespeare’s First Home

– Warwick
– Windsor
– York
*Walking on Walls

The castle keep and the trebuchet. I didn't know about the trebuchet before I went, so I didn't know to make sure to go on a day with a demonstration! Don't make the same mistake I did!

Cardiff Castle and the trebuchet.


3) France
– Paris
*Looking Outside Versailles


4) Poland
*Warsaw’s Old City Highlights


5) Scotland
– Edinburgh


6) Wales
– Cardiff
Cardiff Castle Keep and Walls
*Cardiff – What about Wales?                 




1) Canada
– Kapuskasing – my hometown
*THE Signature Canadian Dish
*Winter in My Hometown

– Kingston
– Ottawa
– Peterborough
– Timmins
– Thunder Bay
– Toronto


Hawaii is so beautiful.

2) The United States of America
– Gettysburg
– Hana (Maui), HI
– Honolulu, HI
*Hawaiian Luau Main Dish
– Lancaster, PA – Amish Country
– New York City
*Lovely Lady Liberty

– Orlando
– Philadelphia
– St. Petersburg
– Valley Forge

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