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Sapporo AirBnB

Airbnb2After my first experience with AirBnB, I was excited to be using AirBnB again on my trip to Hokkaido.  I was based in Sapporo for a little over a week, and the cheapest available hotel turned out to be twice as much as the AirBnB place where I stayed!

Truth be told, it was the cheapest listing available, and like always, I didn’t have unlimited funds.  Even the next one up was significantly more, but it was better to stay here at this listing and take the metro to downtown Sapporo.


My Sapporo AirBnB stay is my second AirBnB experience, and although it wasn’t as good as my first, I still recommend it.  The price is very reasonable, and you get the studio apartment to yourself.  I’m a solo traveller, but this Sapporo AirBnB location can accommodate four.

Shortly after my stay, Tooru, the host, secured Internet access for his guests through pocket wi-fi.  Lucky you…I just missed it!  Here are the many pros about staying here:

Big grocery store on just outside the station and several convenience stores
Coin laundry nearby
Quiet area
Cozy with comfy bedding
Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash provided
10) GREAT shower pressure!
11) After your stay is confirmed, you’ll receive links to YouTube videos with directions.


Since there’s no such thing as perfection, here are a few cons depending on your needs and preferences. ↓

No air-conditioning – just a fan.  When I first came to Japan, there was no way that I could have handled that, but since this was Hokkaido and by that point, I’d been living in Japan for nearly five years, I was able to tolerate the heat with just the fan.
Main floor; I wasn’t comfortable sleeping with the window open with a ground-level window.
About a 10 to 15-minute walk from the nearest station – Minami Hiragishi.
4) No English; he will ask you to communicate via Line so that he can use an auto-translator. Even though I speak (and write) Japanese fluently, he insisted on using the terrible auto-translation on LINE.
5) Although you can cook, there were no dishes.  If you’re okay with eating out of the pan/pot, that’s okay…lol!


In my opinion and experience, the pros outweigh the cons big time.  The price is right, and if you sign up for AirBnB through this link, you’ll get a coupon worth $20 (US) off your first stay FROM ME! 😀  No worries if you don’t use US dollars…AirBnB will convert it to the currency of your choice. 😀

My Sapporo AirBnB makes me want to use AirBnB again and of course, I’ll write about it when I do!  😀


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