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Photo Friday: Over 1,000 Years of Pozsony Pride

With history and cultural pride come traditions, and keeping traditions alive is wonderful provided that no one gets hurt.  As far as I was able to see, Hungary’s tradition of Pozsony pride fits that bill, and what a wonderful surprise it was to stumble upon their annual celebration of the Battle of Pozsony, aka the Battle of Pressburg and the Battle of Bratislava.

Here’s some info that participants were passing out.  A young girl gave me mine.  ↓

Battle of Pozsony/Pressburg/Bratislava

The reason for the celebration – the Battle of Pozsony.

I was surprised to see that it’s in English because other than photo and thank you, they seemed to only speak Magyar.

Anyway, I had no idea about this battle, nor did I know about this celebration.  I was sightseeing and Heroes’ Square was first on my agenda.  I was getting snaps of the square when all of a sudden, I heard what sounded like a cross between distant gunshot and a snap.


Heroes’ Square.


This is what was coming into the square. ↓




I thought it would be better to try to capture the procession on video, but I managed to get some interesting photos of the people dressed up and other parts of the celebration.  Oh, how I LOVE history and culture. 😀  There’s nothing like discovering and learning through travel. 😀


This couple was super friendly. Too bad we couldn’t chit-chat.







The taller girl is the one who gave me the leaflet.













This woman was chit-chatting with curious visitors inside the yurt in the previous photo.


A few metres away from the yurts was a man talking about (what I’m guessing to be) the history of the battle and its significance.  The audience was listening so intently.








Of course, the few kids who were there had absolutely no interest in this, and the smaller ones had this great alternative. ↓

Have you heard of the Battle of Pozsony?

Have you ever seen old-fashioned Hungarian clothing, whipping, or anything else in this post?





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No Becky, I’ve certainly not seen anything like this before. Experiences like this are what makes travel so addictive. Loved this post.

Patrick Weseman

No, I haven’t. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


Very interesting – thanks for sharing at

Jim ~ ReflectionsEnroute

I have never heard of this before now! What an amazing event to witness. Thanks for linking up this week, #wkendtravelinspiration!


I enjoyed this Post again for the Tuesday theme IMAGE-IN-ING.


I have not heard about this battle but I saw people dressed in a similar way in Esztergom, the birthplace of the Hungarian state (where they were officially recognized as a kingdom by Christian nations). Hungary’s history is very interesting. Glad you were able to learn about it in Budapest. They are so proud of their millennium as a nation. #TPThursday


I have seen none of this! This is why I love #FarawayFiles – such brilliant inspiration and sharing from all over the world! I love the costumes and the heritage. I am curious how you go about asking for their pictures – especially with langauge barriers! Great captures – thanks for linking up.

Clare Thomson

Isn’t it brilliant when you’re travelling somewhere and get the chance to watch or take part in traditional feast days or celebrations? This looks wonderful. Love those Hungarian costumes and it’s taught me about a part of history I knew nothing about. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

Rhonda Albom

That’s a very interesting parade and historical event. I always enjoy when I “luck” into celebrations like these. My most memorable was the first of May in Moscow by Red Square.


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