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Photo Friday: Tallinn’s Incredible Medieval City Walls and Towers

A while ago, I did a Photo Friday post about Tallinn’s incredible medieval city wall walkway, and (unsurprisingly) fellow trekkers were bedazzled and wanted to see the other towers and other sections of the wall.  As promised, if there was an expressed interest, here are shots of the rest of this fairytale city’s medieval walls and towers.

Maiden Tower, Estonia, Tallinn

The first Tallinn tower I saw – Maiden Tower.

This, Kiek in de Kök, was the first tower I had come across on that enchanting rainy day.  It was built in 1370-1373, and to my delight, I saw that it had been converted into a museum.

However, I was  quickly let down when I saw that it was closed. 🙁

Around the corner next to Kiek in de Kök leads you to a yard where you can see Maiden’s Tower.

Sadly, that was closed too. 🙁 I thought I wasn’t going to escape the rain until I saw a sign directing tourists to a café.  It was a hard climb up and I paid for it for several days afterwards, but to my delight, it had a fully-functioning modern bathroom.  It was worth the climb. ↓



Estonia, Tallinn, Maiden Tower

A few of the steep stairs leading up to the cafe.



Estonia, Tallinn

Heading to the cafe.


Estonia, Tallinn, museum, history

Looking the other way at the closed museum.


When you’re on the ground, make sure you have a look at the monks and the background. ↓

statue, Estonia, history, Tallinn, travel

Following the example.


Next was wandering throughout most of the historic district, where I found the best view ever. 🙂 Trekking atop Toompea Hill for this view is worth every step. In the foreground is the medieval city wall walkway that I did. 😀

My favourite view of Tallinn – the old city walls and towers blended with modernity and more history.

You might not realize that you are so close to this incredible area if you happen to be at the bottom of the hill.  Just in case that happens, here’s what you’ll see: ↓

Estonia, Tallinn

The viewpoint is to the left of this building.


I really liked the wall…no surprise there. 🙂 ↓

Estonia, Tallinn

I like the lampposts.

Estonia, Tallinn


Anyway, next was this incredible section, and I had the enter fairy tale wave overcome me again.  I was surprised to see the Chinese though. ↓


Estonia, Tallinn, medieval, history

Looking at the tower from where I took the previous photo.


Estonia, Tallinn, landmarks, history, medieval

Notice the partial wall next to the tower on the right?


I LOVE this – nothing modern!

I couldn’t stop imagining people defending their city from these towers and being protected behind the wall. 🙂

Estonia, Tallinn, medieval, history

Here’s what’s left over on one side of the wall. 


Tallinn, Estonia, history

Here’s a look at it from inside.


Estonia, Tallinn, history

Looking down to the right if you’re facing the missing part of the wall in the last photo.

I decided to trek down this street, and I didn’t want to leave.  To my disappointment, but also to my relief because there’s no way with the muscle disease that I have that I would have been able to climb up all the stairs to the top, especially after all that I did going to the café and the wall walkway.


The top…I couldn’t get the whole thing in one shot.

The rest.


You won’t be able to miss this mega tower, called Fat Margaret.

Fat Margaret was built from 1510 to 1530, and it was built to defend Tallinn’s harbour.  It houses the Estonian Maritime Museum.  It was actually open when I made it there, but I didn’t visit because it had finally stopped raining and time was running out; I had to start watching the clock because I had to catch the ferry back to Helsinki.

I had another overwhelming WOW feeling when I approached this gate, Viro Gate.  I just imagined this gate being protected, opened and closed, people going about their daily lives, people guarding their city.  Sigh…if only walls could talk.


I had a bit of time to grab a bite, and of course, when I came back outside to head back to the port, the sun had come out!  A little bit of sun’s better than nothing, but right when I was leaving?  Sheesh!  Thanks, Mother Nature! 😛

However, the sun was shining from the other side, so I said goodbye to Tallinn with these two views frozen in my mind with all the others. ↓

Estonia, Tallinn, medieval, history

Estonia, Tallinn, history, medieval

Wow! Look how different the sun makes it look!

There are more towers and gates, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out their names.  I’m sorry for not being able to figure out what all the towers in this post are called.

I have to go back to Tallinn some day so I can see all the museums and walk all the old streets to my heart’s content.  I’ll be spending at least a few days there so that I can do everything properly.


Remember: most of the towers are CLOSED on Mondays!

Have you put Tallinn

on your bucket list yet?



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  1. Ruth

    This is a cool walk! Those towers and gates are great. Who can resist a city with those? Are the towers closed on a specific day / season?

    1. Becky Post author

      As far as I know, they’re closed on Mondays. With my luck, that happened to be the day I was able to go. I’ll have to make it back for at least a few days.

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