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Photo Friday: Looking Outside Versailles

Seeing Versailles, especially inside, was a dream come true, but I didn’t realize just how much I would appreciate looking outside Versailles as well.

Versailles was on my bucket list since I first heard about it back in high school, and I was supposed to see it on my high school trip to Europe.  Sadly, it got cancelled because of the paranoia after 9/11, so when I took a day trip to Paris from London, there was no way that I was going to go back to London without seeing Versailles.

After visiting Versailles and talking to others about it, I noticed that the vast majority of people do not recognize Versailles in pictures from the outside; they only recognize Versailles from the inside, such as the infamous Hall of Mirrors.  I couldn’t get over how most people didn’t recognize Versailles when looking at a picture of it from the outside, whether it be the gardens or the palace itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why inside Versailles is instantly recognizable, but looking outside is gorgeous too.

I somehow managed to get a few shots without anyone in them, and I hope that you’ll enjoy looking outside Versailles just as much as you have inside.

Versailles' beautiful, flawless gate.

Versailles’ beautiful, flawless gate.


Lucky! No photo bombers!

Lucky! No photo bombers!


Looking out at the gate in the previous shots.

Looking out at the gate in the previous shots.

I want to be able to chill like these people and spend the day at Versailles. ↑  I absolutely must go back to Versailles during a quieter season with far less people. I also have to go back on my own and not with a group, even if it’s a group where you can wander on your own, because you still have to watch the clock.


Looking out into the gardens.

Looking out into the gardens.

Who doesn't like hearts?

Who doesn’t like hearts?






I wonder how many people and hours it takes to keep this all maintained.



I wish I could wear historically accurate clothing and wander around the grounds and inside the palace!




Do you normally recognize Versailles from inside or outside shots?  What about other palaces or castles?


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How well represented – your pictures gave me the same feeling I experienced when I visited there. Thank you Becky!


I recognize the gardens of Versailles, but I think that’s only because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They definitely aren’t as famous as the interior. How I wish that my garden looked like that. Alas, my yard isn’t that big, and I don’t have a team of gardeners to tend to it. I can dream though (and wear historically accurate clothing in my dreams while I’m at it.) Did you make it out to the Queen’s Hamlet?

Ruth Daly

Those gardens are gorgeous! You were lucky to get such a good photo of the gates without any people. I’ve resigned myself to the ‘people add perspective’ thing, but I’d still rather get a clear shot!


Ah Versailles, so very beautiful. I love your photos of the gorgeous gardens there.

Jim @ ReflectionsEnroute

Versailles is beautiful both inside and out and your photos captured that beauty perfectly. Did you have to pay to wander around outside the castle?

Paula McInerney

Great shots of the gardens of Versailles


Stunning photos Becky – Versailles has always been on my list too, it just looks beautiful. You captured it in a lovely way. – Tasha


Agree with you. The outside is pretty stunning. I visited once but my visit was kind of sour. The day of the visit was bitter cold, rainy and windy (and it was summer!). So, as you can imagine, we couldn’t enjoy the exteriors that much.

Rhonda Albom

I think I would recognise Versailles from both inside and outside. The gardens are very distinctive and the great gilded hall with mirrors is hard to forget. The French royalty definitely spent some money on this palace!

Jade @ Captured By Jade

Such beautiful captures – a definite bucket list destination. Your words are interesting too, because for me it’s the gardens that are instantly recognisable to me. It’s fascinating to see the perspective of others.

Suzy Godfrey

It’s like a dream…and those gardens!


How beautiful! I’m kicking myself that I didn’t visit Versailles when I was in France.


Hi Becky, I associate you with Japan – I’m so sad you’ve left, but I love those green patterned gardens at Versailles.

Mary-The Boondocks Blog
Mary-The Boondocks Blog

Beautiful photos Becky. The landscape out side is spectacular. As is the architecture of the buildings. I remember watching a movie about how Versailles was built and that it was basically an awful location but they managed to transform it.


I really enjoyed our visit there too.


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