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Photo Friday: I’m Really in Moscow

When you’re exploring a new place, there’s nothing like having the I’m really in Moscow (or wherever) sensation sweep you away.  You know you’re really there, but there’s always that moment when you stop in your tracks and say to yourself, “I’m really in ________.”

For me, that moment came when I saw the beautiful, colourful, iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral in the distance when I walked into Red Square.

My first shot in front of St. Basil's.

My first shot in front of St. Basil’s.

I don’t know about you, but I often get more than one of those moments, but the first one is always the strongest by a long shot.  Here are photos of other things/places that gave me that sensation again and again.

Let’s continue with Red Square.  Seeing Lenin, who is so well-preserved via mummification that he almost looks like he just fell asleep there.  You can’t take pictures inside, but boy oh boy, you know in Russia when you’re looking right at Vladimir Lenin.

After I saw what’s left in Lenin in his mausoleum, I was happy to get this unique angle with St. Basil’s AND part of the Kremlin in the same shot.  After you leave Lenin’s mausoleum, you pass by several grave stones of other important figures in Russian history, including Stalin.

This is my favourite shot of me with the Kremlin and St. Basil's in the background.

This is my favourite shot of me with the Kremlin and St. Basil’s in the background.


The next best thing was doing a double-take with these two.  Stumbling upon them hit me like a brick wall. You really know you’re in Moscow when… ↓

Lenin and Stalin back from the grave.

Lenin and Stalin back from the grave.

The Kremlin is amazing and an absolute must.  Sadly, you can’t take pictures inside the Armoury (museum) where you can easily spend an entire afternoon gawking at the historical artefacts.  It has everything from the most incredible religious works of art I’ve ever seen to Catherine the Great’s dresses and Ivan the Terrible’s throne.

Anyway, this view within the Kremlin walls reminded me again that I was truly in Moscow. ↓

I never thought I'd be standing here some day.

I never thought I’d be standing here some day.


I’m often reminded of where exactly I am when I see symbols or any reminders of Russia’s communist past.  I was surprised to hear that a lot of people in Canada and the US still think that Russia is a communist country; communism came to an end along with the dismantling of the USSR in 1991.

Unfortunately, I had no idea about Moscow’s stunningly gorgeous subway stations before I came, so I hope that now that you know about them from past Photo Friday posts, you’ll get that I’m really in Moscow sensation when you go through them yourself.

This is just one of the many things you’ll come across that remind you of Russia’s communist history.  This is just one example of the incredible mosaic artwork in Komsonolskaya subway station. ↓

A reminder of Russia's communist past in Komsomolskaya Station.

A reminder of Russia’s communist past in Komsomolskaya Station.

This view did it for me again just yesterday.  Notice the cross nearly the top of the church steeple.  Russian Orthodox crosses are unique and like this.  That with the other historic architecture and the enormous painted Russian girl statue reminded me that I was no longer in Kansas again.

A traditional Russian girl statue on a lovely pedestrian-only street with old-fashioned architecture in the background, including a Russian Orthodox church.

A traditional Russian girl statue on a lovely pedestrian-only street with old-fashioned architecture in the background, including a Russian Orthodox church.


What do you think would give you the
I’m really in Moscow sensation?



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I am so enjoying your photos of Moscow. Love to visit Moscow one day…


St. Basil’s and Lenin and Stalin would give me that feeling. I might even get a chill down my spine bumping into Lenin and Stalin!

Ruth Daly

This is somewhere I would love to visit. You got some great pics!

Rhonda Albom

LOL – I had that sensation when I was standing in Moscow. I loved it as much as you do.

Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

They do have one of the most intricate and lovely Architecture! Thanks for sharing #photofriday

image-in-ing: weekly photo linky

You are indeed in Moscow, and your photos show a pristine and proud city.
Thanks for sharing at


Great find with Stalin and Lenin, I couldn’t tell if those were live actors or wax statues. I love the Russian girl statue it looks a little like a nesting doll.


I know the feeling you are mentioning. After dreaming with visiting a destination for a long time, sometimes it is hard to believe you are actually there. That first moment is always on your mind. So bad photos are not allowed in certain places. Will have to go to the city to see the gorgeous places.


I have to say it would probably be the drivers going a bit nuts that would make me feel like I was *really* there. Great photos!


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