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Long Layovers

I never thought this way before, but speaking from experience, long layovers are GREAT!


Because long layovers are extra little trips!  They’re trips within trips!  😀

You can add even more pins to your travel map!  😀   I don’t know about you but for me, I cannot add a city to my travel map unless I’ve actually seen the city.  Just the airport doesn’t count.

Below are three cities/airports where I’ve had long layovers.  There is so much to do and see, and it’s SO EASY to get a lot of sightseeing done.

I’ve had long layovers at the three airports listed below.  I’m sure that my experiences will help make your long layover any of these places a highlight of your trip!  😀


Beijing (PEK)
My Layover in Beijing – Ruined

Do I blend in?

Can I pass for Korean?

Seoul – Incheon (ICN) Airport
My Two FREE Incheon Transit Tours

Shanghai – Pudong (PVG) Airport
→ Photo Friday:  Qibao – Shanghai’s Historic Water Village
→ Photo Friday:  The Bund on Christmas Day

→ Photo Friday:  Warsaw’s Old City Highlights

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  1. Dirk

    Here is a great tip that learned to do with frequent flyer miles. I first look online to see if my flights have any layovers. If they do, I call and book via the airline call center and ask for a 3 day layover. This works every time with no additional costs. I did a trip to Bangkok and Osaka for the cost of 1 ticket!

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