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Give me a shout! I’d love to hear from you!

Are you interested in working with me?  Then give me a shout! 😀

I am available for sponsored travel content, including AirBnB, hotel, city, brand, and travel experience reviews, expat content, interviews, guest posts, and press trips.

Do you have any questions, stories, requests for posts, or would you just like to say hi?

I would love to hear from you!


Please, use the contact form at the end of this page.  I will respond as soon as possible.


My e-mail address is becky [at] trekkingwithbecky [dot] com.


You can also comment at the end of every page and post, but they will not be seen or posted on this site if you don’t leave an actual name – do not leave a screen name or a username – the system puts comments without actual names directly into the humongous spam pile.



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