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My First Apartment in Japan – Leo Palace

Organizing everything in my apartment to move out is bringing back so many memories of my first apartment in Japan.  Securing your own apartment in Japan is quite a mountain, especially if you’re not a Japanese citizen, but if you’re coming to Japan for the first time to work, try to find a company that will have an apartment secured for you.

It’s very common for companies to put their employees in a Leo Palace apartment.  Don’t get excited…there’s absolutely NOTHING palace-like about it!  Of course, it’s not a dump, but you get my drift.  My first Leo Palace apartment building’s sub-heading was Sunny Homes, which made it sound like a nursing home to me…lol.

Unlike other apartments in Japan, Leo Palace apartments come with lights, a TV, two chairs with a table bolted to the wall that folds down, a washing machine, and a small fridge.  You can also get your Internet included (depending on your location), although it still isn’t wireless. 😛

If the company already secured the apartment, you’ll get the rent deducted from your paycheck and you won’t have to worry about talking to the landlord about any problems since the lease is under the company name. 😀  However, a major downside to not having an apartment in your name is if, for any reason, you lose your job or if you want to quit your job, you could be in big trouble.

Anyway, way back in 2010, I made videos of my apartment for my family and friends on Facebook.  They’re no Oscar-winning masterpieces, but they’ll give you a good idea about what to expect in an apartment for one person.  You’ll see in the videos some things that the company provided for me, like a microwave, vacuum, dishes, etc., which were GREAT, but of course, you’ll have to buy things like your bedding and towels.

You’ll also notice that I say that I’m not complaining quite a bit…lol!  It took a while to get used to such a small space.  There were things that I liked about it, but after living in a Leo Palace apartment for nearly 3 years, I couldn’t wait to get out and into a bigger place.

The first video is longest.  I started out on the ground, talked about the area a little bit, and then went up.  You’ll see the small building itself, the kitchen, and the bathroom.  Oh ya, tadaima = I’m home. 😀 ↓


Come to think of it, every single toilet I’ve seen in Japan has the same flush options!  Also, the apartment I had during my training period in Nagoya as well as my own apartment after my Leo Palace days had two levels for the shower head.  I think that’s standard in Japan too, since most hotels I’ve been to have that option as well.

Next is a short video showing you the view I had from my window, the closest, and the AC, which is what bugged me most because it was programmed to shut off after 3 hours. Ugh! ↓


Next up are my bed, storage, and vacuum.  Leo Palace is very space savvy; the bed is a loft on top of a big storage area.

The company provided me with a vacuum cleaner, and I’ve never seen a vacuum like this until I came to Japan, and they’re all like that.  They’re good little suckers and much easier to move around than what I had in Canada.


I was really impressed with this security feature.  Japan takes safety and security very seriously, although the crime rate is so low.  My non-Leo Palace apartment also came with something like this, but it wasn’t as big. ↓


Living like this was fine for a while, but after a while, I splurged and got my own apartment that’s more than twice the size of a Leo Palace apartment, and it was worth all the hassle and extra money!  I’ll write about getting your own place – a bigger, more comfortable place – in the future.


So, how do you like my first apartment in Japan?  
Can you see yourself living like that?


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10 thoughts on “My First Apartment in Japan – Leo Palace

    1. Becky Post author

      You’re right – both would take adjusting, but I’ll take the small, CLEAN one over the dirty place that is falling apart any day. Once my Russian place is presentable, I’ll post photos and/or videos. 😀

  1. Kat

    Becky this was so interesting! Also it’s nice to put a voice to your writing haha!

    I love how you call your washing machine the earthquake simulator! I’ve had some pretty crazy loud washing machines in my time (that rattle around a lot) but I’ve never had to live so close to them!

    Looks pretty cool but I don’t blame you for getting a bigger place, three years would definitely be long enough for me in that sized space! 🙂

    1. Becky Post author

      Thanks! I wasn’t sure how this post was going to be received, and I’m so happy you found it interesting! 😀

      Lol, it took a long time to get used to the washing machine. It still surprises me every now and then that it doesn’t topple over.

      When I got my bigger apartment, I wanted to do cartwheels solely because I actually had the space. 😀

  2. Natasha

    This was really interesting! I can see why you took the chance to buy your own apartment after a while though, I would be tempted to do the same – they do look nice for your first place in Japan though, and it’s always interesting to see different styles of housing and ways of doing things abroad. Hope you’re well and sorry it’s been so long since I last commented! – Tasha

    1. Becky Post author

      Tasha! Long time no see! It’s great to see you again! 😀 I hope you’ve been well. I’ve been sick for the past week, but somehow surviving.

      You’re right – it’s a nice way to start your time abroad or if you’re only going to be there for a limited time. 😀

      1. Natasha

        Oh no, I hope you’re feeling better soon <3 Sorry I've been away, life has been a but rubbish lately for me so I took a breather from the blogging world!

        1. Becky Post author

          Thanks. Recovery from this one is slow, but the fact that I’m so busy with getting ready to leave and job-hunting doesn’t help.

          Sorry to hear that life hasn’t been treating you well. I hope things start to pick up for you and that blogging and the blogosphere bring sunshine to your day. 😀

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