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Photo Friday: Fall in Chisinau, Moldova

Unlike in Moscow, it was still fall in Chisinau, Moldova, when I went just a little over a year ago.  I can’t believe that just a little over a year ago, I spent a long weekend in Chisinau, Moldova.  Like every other travel chance I had, I chose the place with the best flight times with the best price, and Moldova won by a long shot.  Chisinau is the perfect place to spend a cheap, relaxing weekend, and the beautiful yellow fall leaves were so calming, which is just what I needed.

Enjoy the end of fall with these shots from the capital of Europe’s least-visited city for Photo Friday! 😀 Let’s start this fall in Chisinau photo tour with the city’s first landmark. ↓

Chisinau, Moldova, Arch of Triumph

Chisinau’s Arch of Triumph.

Whenever I hear anything remotely similar to Arch of Triumph, I think of the one in France because it didn’t dawn on me that other cities had one. Anyway, Chisinau’s was completed in 1840, and it sparked construction of other buildings and landmarks.

This, along with the flag hanging in the arch, gives you the I’m really in Moldova feeling.  I loved how the yellow leaves went well with the flag.

Trekking through the arch and throughout the park are must-dos, especially in the fall.  Like where I’m from in Kapuskasing, the fall leaves are only yellow in Chisinau, so it reminded me of home. Here’s a brief photo tour of that trek. ↓


Chisinau, Moldova, fall, autumn

This is the view that you’ll get when you’re standing underneath the arch. Behind the tower is Nativity Cathedral.

Chisinau, Moldova, fall, autumn

I love this side view of the tower and of Nativity Cathedral because of the yellow leaves.

If you turn right and walk away, you’ll go through a beautiful park and see things like this. ↓

I just managed to catch the little boy throwing leaves into the air.

I was so relaxed there, but I had to go back so that I could go left of the arch and cross the street, or just continue going left from the view of the first photo in this post.  You will see this statue of Stephen the Great, of King Stephen III of Moldavia. You’ll also see him on the currency – the lei. He reigned for over 47 years, and he died on July 2nd, 1504.  Seeing this was another I’m really in Moldova moment, especially with the money connection.

Chisinau, Moldova, Stephen the Great, King Stephen III

The King Stephen III statue marks the entrance to the Stephen the Great Park.

The park is bigger and just as lovely as what you just saw next to Nativity Cathedral, but there’s a lot more to see and do here with plenty of monuments, benches, and a few food stands that were still open.  Here are my favourite views full of beautiful yellow fall leaves.

Chisinau, Moldova, fall, autumn




Chisinau, Moldova, fall, autumn

The sweet little girl holding a bouquet of leaves melted my heart.

Not too far from here is a water tower since there is water nearby. 🙂  Sadly, the water tower was closed, but a few steps from it is another massive chunk of peaceful nature. ↓


This took my breath away.

Last but not least, I can’t finish this post without including this shot of the beautiful fall leaves behind the Chisinau Ghetto Memorial.

Chisinau, Moldova,

The Chisinau Ghetto Memorial I stumbled upon.


Do you like fall in Chisinau

with only yellow leaves?



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10 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Fall in Chisinau, Moldova

  1. Ruth

    Nice to see photos of this place! It would be fantastic to visit one day (I want to see all countries in Europe).

    1. Becky Post author

      Thanks! It’s a fantastic place for a relaxing weekend. There are plenty of accommodations that are within walking distance from the centre. I walked all over and I never took public transit except to/from the airport. I want to see all the countries in Europe too. 🙂

  2. Rhonda Albom

    The city looks lovely and very empty. It does look relaxing. Classic fall for me includes red, brown, and green leaves as well. I do like the all-yellow leaves as it reminds me of fall outside of Lake Tahoe where the Aspen trees turn yellow.

    1. Becky Post author

      It didn’t feel like a city because it wasn’t flooded with people, and yes, it was very relaxing. Classic fall for me includes all the other colours too, especially red, but I enjoyed all the yellow. I like how all the yellow makes everything brighter. 🙂

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