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Expat Tuesday Link-Up

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Expat Tuesday Link-Up!

As a new blogger, I didn’t realize how much I’d be able to connect with others and create relationships with people from all over the world.  Those connections and relationships make it easier to help others, so I started this Expat Tuesday link-up to help and inspire current and prospective expats.


Every Tuesday, other expat travel bloggers from all over the world share helpful, eye-opening posts about living abroad based on personal experiences with me.

ALL EXPAT BLOGGERS are welcome to participate!  It doesn’t matter where you are expat or where you have been an expat; if you have a post about anything pertaining to living in another country, link it up on the latest Expat Tuesday post for all prospective and current expats to see!

You’ll be helping and inspiring current and future expats! 😀  Your post can be about anything related to being an expat – finding a job, finding a place to live, the cost of living, shopping, travelling, health care, language, people/socializing – ANYTHING GOES! 😀


Me at the Taiko Festival in Niihama, Shikoku.

Me at the Taiko Festival in Niihama, Shikoku.

Every week, the Expat Tuesday post goes live by 12am on Tuesday, Japan time (JST), which means that it will still be Monday for those of you in the Western Hemisphere.  The collection is open until 12am on Friday.

All Expat Tuesday posts will be archived for reference at the bottom of this page.


If you’re an expat blogger, join me in helping and inspiring current and prospective expats all over the world and of course, show lots of love and support with comments and by sharing others’ posts on social media.  Spread the word with #ExpatTuesday! 😀

If you’re thinking of living abroad, you’ve come to the right place!  So far, posts from seasoned expats who are living or who have lived in Bahrain, Bolivia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, the UAE, and more!  Don’t miss any of the fantastic posts linked up for previous Expat Tuesdays. 😀  If you have any requests for future topics about Japan, give me a shout! 😀


Expat Tuesday Archive

19) June 28th, 2016 – The Cost of IMPORTED Groceries in Japan
18) June 21st, 2016 – The Cost of DOMESTIC Groceries in Japan
17) June 14th, 2016 – How to Save Money with Japan Rail
16) June 7th, 2016 – Growing Up Female in Japan

15) May 31st – Why I’m Moving to Moscow
14) May 24th, 2016 – A Quick Guide to Japan’s City Buses
13) May 17th, 2016 – – An Extra Peace of Mind
12) May 10th, 2016 – Teaching Privately

****I will be travelling full-time until May; Expat Tuesday will resume on May 10th.****

11) March 21st, 2016 – Five Years in Japan
10) March 15th, 2016 – Why I Prefer to Teach KIDS over Adults
9) March 8th, 2016 – My First Apartment in Japan
8) March 1st, 2016 – Japan Post

7) February 23rd, 2016 – The Cost of Utilities in Japan
6) February 15th, 2016 – Your Signature in Japan
February 9th, 2016 – Getting Glasses in Japan
4) February 2nd, 2016 – Your Japanese Prescription

3) January 26th, 2016 – Taxes in Japan
2) January 19th, 2016 – A Reason for Living Abroad that Nobody Mentions
1) January 12th, 2016 – Choosing Your New Home Country

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