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AirBnB & Hotel Reviews

Hotel Chisinau, Moldova.

Hotel Chisinau, Moldova.

Short reviews on websites don’t usually cut it, so I’m writing reviews of hotels and AirBnB places I’ve stayed to make planning your trip easier.

The hostel scene is not for me, so I stay in hotels or at a suitable Airbnb place. I need my personal space and privacy; I cannot relax, never mind get a good night’s rest, in a room shared with strangers.

I never pay an arm and a leg for fancy hotels or Airbnb places.  My primary concerns are cleanliness and safety.  Close behind is location.  I try to find places that are as close as possible to public transportation.


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With the exception of a private bathroom at a hotel, I’m not very picky about the room itself. When I’m travelling, I see accommodations as a safe, clean enough place to leave my things and to sleep because I want to see and do as much as I can in the limited time that I have.

I’m not too concerned about space, but fair warning:  East Asian accommodations are generally much smaller than European/Western hotel rooms, especially in Japan!  Japan’s rooms and apartments are definitely the smallest I’ve ever seen.

Enjoy these AirBnB and hotel reviews.  As always, all opinions are my own. 😀



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Siem Reap – Le Tigre Hotel


Beijing – My major Hotel Hell incident when I arrived!
Dalian – Sun Moon Lake Hotel
Shanghai – Genting Star Hotel
Xi’an – Days Inn City Centre


Matsumoto – New Station Hotel
Naha – Okinawa Kariyushi Izumizaki Kenchomae, where I learned what a corner room is!
Osaka – Osaka River-Side Hotel
Otsu (10 minutes from Kyoto) – My First AirBnB Experience
Sapporo (Hokkaido) – AirBnB Review


Vilnius – Panorama Hotel

The view of Vilnius’ Old Town from my window.


Chisinau – Hotel Chisinau


Seoul – Hotel BonBon
Incheon – Fox Motel


Bangkok – Nasa Vegas Hotel


Ho Chi Minh – Que Huong Hotel

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