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Welcome to Trekking with Becky, and thank you for taking an interest in learning about Becky – me! 😀

My name is Becky Osawa.  I’m from a small town in northern Ontario, Canada, called Kapuskasing.  I’ve lived in Japan from September 8th, 2010 until March 28th, 2016 and since June 1st, 2016, I’ve been living in Moscow, Russia.  I teach English full-time, and I take every possible opportunity to travel.

I’ve always enjoyed travelling and seeing new places, but I realized that I had officially caught the travel bug in 2009 when I went on my first solo trip. I had to do research for my history M.A. thesis in England so of course, I made a vacation out of it, and it was EPIC!

On the London Eye with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in the background.

On the London Eye with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in the background.


This trip to England changed my life.   It was so exhilarating; the sheer joy I felt made it impossible to imagine not being able to go exploring and seeing new places whenever possible.

Being half-Japanese with admiration for my heritage and culture, especially traditional Japanese music, enka, one of my dreams had always been to see Japan, the land of my ancestors. I realized that the best opportunity to see Japan would be after I finished university, so I found a job and moved to Japan after I defended my thesis in September 2010.

Me defending the out-of-this-world Matsumoto Castle!

Living in Japan was wonderful; you gotta love the service, the scenery, the people, the countless different things to see, and the festivals.  Living in an Asian country made travelling to other Asian countries easier and much cheaper than visiting all the way from Ontario.

The same applies to living in Moscow. Seeing other European countries is a piece of cake and so cheap that I find myself laughing at the computer screen. 😀

Otherwise, living in Moscow is quite different and learning Russian is so difficult, but Russia’s never boring.

I love talking about my passions, three of them being culture, history, and travelling; culture and history inspire me to travel, and I hope that my passion for travelling, knowledge and experiences living in Japan and in Russia, and all my travel tips, tidbits, and treasures will make your life easier and encourage you to travel.


By the way, most of my travel is SOLO!  
Don’t let being a lone female stop you! 😀



So come trekking with me!  You can see where I’ve been and of course, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter – @trekkingbecky, and on Instagram – @trekkingwithbecky! 😀


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  1. lachicnomad

    Becky! Thanks so much for inviting me to link up to your website for Travel Tuesday. It’s lovely to read some of your posts about your expat life in Japan. I’ve always been intrigued by that country and hope to visit it some day. In Spring 🙂 enjoy expat living xx

    1. Becky Post author

      Thank you so much for visiting, commenting, and participating! 😀

      When you start planning your trip, let me know so I can help you! 😀

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